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True Angel Family Funerals are 100% Queensland Family owned & operated. Our family business is dedicated to supporting and guiding families through one of life’s most difficult moments. Our ‘Quality of Care Guarantee’ means that you and your family can be assured of our level of standards & ethics, paramount service and the necessary time and care needed to ensure your loved one receives a unique and memorable life celebration. Affordability, reliability and honesty is what makes our families’ service second to none. We are conveniently located at 9/1 Mooney Street, Logan Central – right in the heart of the Logan Region. To find out more about how we can help you and your family, please phone (07) 3208 2347

As Maori & New Zealand People, we understand the nature and importance of a Tangihanga, Falelauasiga or Funeral Service. We honour our loved ones like no other culture and take great pride in their memory. The translation for our Whanau Pakihi (business) name is ‘Nga Anahera Pono’ for Maori or ‘Angelu Moni’ in Samoan. This is displayed on our office windows to show the pride in our heritage of being New Zealand Nationals.

Our family understand the importance of returning our loved ones home for their burial rites and back to their home land. Wherever you may be in this world, there is really no place like home. We can help return your loved one to their home land or place of birth with ease and simplicity.

Not only do we care for Polynesian and Maori Cultures, but we care for all cultures and faiths. For more information on our Care Services, please phone (07) 3208 2347 – 24 Hours

Other Services

True Angel Family Funerals provides a grief and loss services support line to all our families. If you or any one you know is in need of help in dealing with a loss, a list of support groups is provided.

You may also need to notify some of the following in due course. Some items will need attention quickly, but many can wait. Whilst we support the service providers we do not affiliate ourselves with any particular group. The information provided is to help assist you in your time of need.

Why Choose A Family Owned & Operated Funeral Home?


The answer is simple – Family. Our family know and understand the absolute heart ache and emotions that can come from losing a loved one. We take the time to ensure that each and every family that we care for is treated like one of our own. Nothing is too small or too big for our family to make possible for you. Our ‘Quality of Care’ Guarantee means that you can be assured that your experience with us is comforting, meaningful and easy as it possible could be. For service beyond expectation, phone us today on (07) 3208 2347 – 24 Hours, 7 Days.

First Step When Your Loved One Dies

When a loved one dies it can be a difficult time for you and your family. Take the time to reach out to family and friends to support you during this overwhelming time. What you do next will depend on how and where the death occurred. We have provided a list of steps to take depending on the circumstances. If you require a Funeral Director immediately, please phone (07) 3208 2347.

Questions & Answers

How do I organise a funeral?

The organisation of a funeral can be very daunting and often overwhelming for families as it comes at a time of great emotional stress and grief. Our role at True Angel Family Funerals is to guide and support your family during this period to achieve an arrangement that not only reflects the life of your loved one, but attends to the very personal touches, requests and traditions that make the farewell unique and meaningful.

True Angel Family Funerals

Our family are available to help you 24 Hours, 7 Days. For immediate assistance, please phone: (07) 3208 2347

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