As a Family, we understand the natural heartache that comes following the death of a loved one. Unfortunately, often times, a family is not afforded the ability to properly grieve or process their loved one’s passing with the stress and worries of having to come up with nearly $10,000 to afford the basic necessities for their loved one’s Funeral Service.

Our family offer our clients more affordable options in Funeral Care, while not compromising our Quality of Care, High Standards, Morals or Ethics. We effectively offer more affordable options to best allow families the peace of mind when arranging a service for their loved one, that they will not be placed into financial hardship.

Even though our Products & Services are more affordable than most, our ability to create a meaningful and unique ‘Celebration of Life’ is not waivered. We offer complete customisation and tailoring of any and all Funeral Services to fit within the means and wishes of our client families.

Below is a small list of inclusions that come with our various service options. For pricing, or for a tailored quote, please call us on (07) 3208 2347 – 24 Hours
For an estimation for Repatriation, please contact our office on (07) 3208 2347 – 24 Hours.