Polynesian & Maori Funeral Services

Māori Funeral Services

Logan Funeral Directors, Caring for our Māori People…

Our family specialise in providing Maori Funeral Care to our local communities. As Maori Funeral Directors, we understand more than most the importance of having a well-planned and meaningful Funeral Service for our Whanau. Our family understands the desire to have our Whanau returned home to New Zealand and will support and guide you on this journey to ensure that your loved one arrives home safely. 


If you are looking for a Funeral Director who will help you through this difficult time and understand the culture and traditions of our people, please call us today on (07) 3208 2347 or for international callers, please phone +61732082347


Providing the very best in Polynesian Funeral Care.

Caring For Polynesian Communities

Our family are dedicated to providing the very best Funeral Care to our Polynesian Communities. We understand and respect the values and sensitivity of Polynesian services. With many years of experience providing our high level of care, you can place your trust in our family to care for you and your family.